Cleaning your new kitchen is not a difficult task but can be made much easier and prolong the life of your new kitchen by using the correct methods and correct products.


Certain materials are speciality materials that require extra care to bring out the best of your new space.

Below are listed the main areas of the kitchen and the best products and methods for kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

All our units are made from 18mm MFC board. Our units can be cleaned as normal with a sponge and detergent. 


Please avoid using any abrasive scouring cleaning products.


Please be aware that units will have small amounts of colour change as a natural.


Cleaning Kitchen DOORS

Most of the doors can simply be cleaned as normal with a sponge and detergent.


Please avoid using any abrasive scouring cleaning products.

The only door which has special cleaning is our acrylic doors. The acrylic doors can be cleaned more effectively with VuPlex polish.

Cleaning Kitchen SINKS

Sinks can be cleaned with washing up liquid and a sponge.

Please try to avoid placing very hot pans/frying pans into the sink/drying board.


Also, we advise against using a plastic washing up bowl as this can also lead to scratches from grit on the bowl.


Take a look at the instructions that come with your sink for exact details.

Scrubbing the Sink
Geometric Backsplash

Cleaning Kitchen TAPS

Taps can be cleaned with any washing up liquid.


Please avoid using any abrasive cleaner.


The main thing to keep away from any stainless or metal is simply any abrasive cleaner such as cream cleaner.

Cleaning Kitchen WORKTOPS

Depending on the worktop type there are a few methods of cleaning.


Such as standard soapy water for quartz or eagle spray for our acrylic worktops.


We would suggest giving us a call for specific requirements.

Kitchen with Marble Island
Country Style Kitchen

Cleaning Kitchen ACCESSORIES

Other items in the kitchens such as appliances, handles should be cleaned as per manufacturers guidance.


Generally we would always suggest using the least harsh cleaner to prolong the life as much as possible.