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General Questions

Do you have displays in the showroom of kitchen that are sold on the website?

Not yet, although we are working on opening one in the near future, once the pandemic is under control.

What are your opening hours?

We are open: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 3:30pm We are closed two weeks over Christmas and most bank holidays. Please call if you require to know these dates.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes. You can pay by credit card either in person or over the phone. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express cards at this time. There is no charge for a debit card, cash or cheque transactions. If paying by cheque no order will be processed until cleared funds are in the bank.

If I order today when should I expect delivery?

As every product sold is different, please refer to the specific listing you are looking to purchase. The listing will indicate specific turn-around times on that particular product and will be stated at the top of each product page.

Do you supply trade?

Yes. We do supply trade, in fact much of our work is supplying to trade companies however, everyone who orders from us, gets it at the same price regardless of their occupation. Initially this website was designed for trade buyers but was then opened up to the general public as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to buy a new kitchen at a good price regardless of their occupation.

Do you supply kitchen for insurance work?

Yes. We supply kitchens for every eventuality. Our terms do state however that no orders will processed without payment being made in full but can give quotes to the insurance companies on your behalf. If you require a quote for insurance purposes please call to discuss your options with a member of our sales team. We understand that this can be a very stressful time when insurance companies are involved and aim to simplify the process as far as possible. Back

Do you offer a measure and design service?

We can offer a measure and design service within a 20-mile radius of NG31through our sister company However, most of our customers tend to get a local company to carry out a free measure and design service before bringing their plans to us to get a comparison quote. This often saves time and results in a much quicker turn around for our customers and helps to keep our costs down so the saving can be passed onto our customers. We recommend getting a local kitchen company to come to your home and measure and design your kitchen. This will ensure that all measurements are correct and that the plan will accurately fit your kitchen. Using an existing kitchen plan will allow us to give you a manufacturer’s quotation rather than a retail one whilst at the same time allowing us to make any minor alterations to the plan to ensure you are 100% happy with your proposed layout and design. As we are fitters by trade, we do understand the logistics’ of a kitchen and may notice little flaws in a design that may go undetected by yourselves as this has been our job for almost 20 years.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes. We can offer an installation service if required through our sister company We offer this service within a 60-mile radius of NG31 as any further than that becomes difficult to project manage efficiently. All of our fitters are fully insured and time served and have worked with RossWood Group for many years.

Who should fit my new kitchen?

We would always recommend getting a professional kitchen fitter to fit your kitchen, there are hundreds of talented good quality kitchen fitters up and down the country. There is a big difference between a kitchen fitter who fits kitchens every week of the year and a joiner who does 3 or 4 a year, and an even bigger difference between a professional kitchen fitter and a builder, so imagine the difference between a professional kitchen fitter who specialises in kitchen installations and an office worker having a go at fitting his own kitchen. A professional kitchen fitter will have all the correct tools to do the job properly. Generally, kitchen fitters are top of their game and perfectionists with their work, they will have lots of little tricks of the trade they will have picked up over the years as well. We would always recommend you get a professional kitchen fitter to install your kitchen. Be prepared to wait for them though as most good kitchen fitters will be fully booked up for 5-6 weeks minimum. We do offer a fitting service but we will only do kitchen installations within a 60-mile radius of Grantham. We have 8 teams of professional kitchen fitters that subcontract to us on a regular basis. Both directors came from a fitting background, so they do know the job pretty well. Plus, all the fitters who work for us also know that we know what we are talking about, so they always work to a fantastically high standard. If we are doing your kitchen installation we will only supply your kitchen as rigid kitchen cabinets, not flat-packed. The difference between an expensive looking kitchen and a cheap looking kitchen is the quality of the fitting of the kitchen itself. It is all down to the attention to detail the finishing of it and the final few touches that make all the difference. So, in my opinion, we would always say get a professional to install your new kitchen, but that is obviously completely your choice.

Replacement Doors

How do I measure my kitchen doors?

To measure your current kitchen doors correctly use a metric tape measure and measure fully in millimetres. We would suggest measuring the backs of each door as these are normally easier to get a flat surface against. Measure each door height by width to get a full list of needed doors, Also take note of how many end panels you would need and a total rough length of each cornice, pelmet and plinth. Once you have these measurements you can email them to us or place an order on our website. Please note that you need to measure your doors and not your carcasses as the doors are normally slightly smaller than the carcass.

Will I be able to match a new replacement door to my existing kitchen doors?

We DO NOT recommend that you attempt to match a new door to existing kitchen doors. Even if you ordered the exact same style, from the same supplier, from the same batch, it is highly unlikely that the door will match as the existing doors will have been subjected to a period of time in sunlight, and cleaning products. Matching a different door, even if it looks as though it is the same colour or composition will be impossible and be wary of anyone who suggests otherwise. Replacement doors were introduced by us to allow our customers to replace all of their kitchen doors in one go and get a completely different looking kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a whole new kitchen. Given that your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, anyone can replace their kitchen door frontages.

How easy is it to replace my kitchen doors?

Most kitchen doors are easily replaced on a like for like size basis. Even if your kitchen units are a ‘non-standard’ size, we can offer a made to measure service that will allow you to reface rather than replace.

Can I still have replacement kitchen doors if my kitchen units are of a non-standard size?

Yes. We can still offer replacement kitchen doors in a made to measure service if your kitchen units are of a non-standard size in one of our acrylic kitchen door ranges. Please note that the turn-around times on these ranges are slightly longer and must be ordered in writing. You can send an email with your requirements to for a quotation for made to measure kitchen doors. When ordering/ requesting a quotation, please state the colour of the high gloss acrylic kitchen doors that you want to be quoted for. All made to measure kitchen doors will be made exactly to the sizes stated in your email and are excluded from the returns policy.

Do the kitchen doors come drilled for handles/ hinges?

No. All of our replacement kitchen doors come undrilled for the handle as this is purely personal preference on the location of the kitchen door handles. There are no hinge holes in the kitchen doors when dispatched they are completely blank replacement kitchen doors. This will allow the person fitting them to accurately position the holes in the replacement kitchen doors to suit the position in the existing unit. We would say do one door at a time and copy the door you have taken off if the doors are identically sized. All orders over £250.00 will come with a free hinge hole drill bit. This is a surprisingly easy job to carry out and not as daunting as some people may think.

Do you supply made to measure kitchen doors?

Yes. We supply made to measure kitchen doors in various kitchen door styles. All made to measure kitchen doors need to be sent over in writing for a quotation / to order and are excluded from the returns policy unless faulty. If you would like a quote please email,

Complete Kitchen Units

Are my kitchen units a standard size?

We consider a standard sized base unit to be 720mm in height, (not including any legs or plinth/ kickboard). These will vary in widths but if your units are 720mm high, it is fairly certain they are of ‘standard size’. Standard sized wall units usually come in three standard sized heights, these are; 575mm, 720mm or 900mm (again these will vary in width). If your kitchen units are not of these height(s) they are not considered to be a standard size. If your units are a standard size, the size of the door needed will be slightly smaller than the cabinet size. For example, if you have standard-sized kitchen cabinets of 720mm, these will take a standard sized door from any of the ranges at 715mm in height. A wall unit measuring in at 900mm in height would take a replacement kitchen door at 895mm and so on. The same can be said for width, so a 600mm wide kitchen cabinet would need a 596 width replacement kitchen door. If you had a 720mm x 600mm kitchen cabinet (height x width) you would need to order a 715 x 596 replacement kitchen door. All sizes on the website are displayed Height x Width. You should measure your unit from the base of the unit to the top of the unit, not including any other components and always work in millimeters as it is more accurate. If you are unsure of any part of measuring your kitchen cabinets, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If your kitchen units are not standard sizes. Don't worry! We can offer a made to measure service in any of the Gloss Acrylic Colours, the Matt Acrylic Colours and some of the Luxury Shaker style doors - although these shaker style made to measure doors are slightly different from the ones shown on the website. Please contact us for any more information regarding this made to measure service.

Do you sell made to measure kitchen units?

Yes. We can offer a made to measure service for kitchen units. If you require an unusually sized kitchen unit please email for a quotation.

How can I make sure that my kitchen design will fit my room?

If you have already had a kitchen design done by a professional kitchen company/designer then simply measure the length of your walls and ensure that they correspond to your plan. Please ensure that the measurement from the corner of the room to any window(s) then across the window and then from the window to the other corner is correct according to the plan before contacting us to obtain a quote or to place an order. If it is not, don’t worry, just write the correct sizes down on the plan and we will be able to work with this to ensure that you get a kitchen that works correctly.

What Kitchen Styles do you not supply?

One type of kitchen that we don’t offer is in-frame kitchens. This mainly because of all the problems that come with an in-frame kitchen. The doors and drawers can rub on the frames with time, removing the paintwork or lacquer and they require constant maintenance with hinge and drawer adjustment. This is due to the small margin around the kitchen door or drawer front to the frame, it can be as simple as a heavy item like a big pan being placed in a drawer or removed from a drawer that causes the frontage to move and rub on the frame. We do think they look amazing when fitted, but we believe that not every kitchen is a show kitchen. Most people need their kitchen to work for them and their kitchen should be a practical and functional working space that is low maintenance as well as attractive. The other kind of kitchen cabinets that we don’t offer is ones that are fitted with vinyl pressed kitchen doors. We can get these doors however, we don’t sell these on our website at all. The downsides to these doors are that they have no longevity and don’t function well in a kitchen due to the heat and condensation. These kitchen doors are what I would class as a low-quality kitchen door, they are manufactured using an old fashioned technique, where a pattern is machined out of a piece of MDF and then a piece of vinyl is glued around the kitchen door. I would say these have a life span of around 2-3 years if you are lucky. You may have seen these doors. They are the ones where the covering in front of the kitchen doors starts to peel off on the back corner of the door, exposing a sharp brittle vinyl edge that come away from the door. The first place to peel away is around the cooker area, where the glue is constantly getting warmed up and softened, the next place is around the sink where the doors get wet on a regular basis. The other place is above the kettle where the doors are exposed to both heat and moisture from the steam of the kettle. A lot of kitchen companies still sell these types of kitchen cabinets. They are a low quality of kitchen, avoid them like the plague. If the kitchen you have been quoted for has vinyl pressed doors… grab your coat and run and don’t look back! You will be replacing your kitchen doors in 3-4 years if it lasts that long and we bet the kitchen door you bought has been discontinued by then and replaced with another design of vinyl wrap. Every kitchen door manufacturer only offers a 1-year warranty with their doors. So get a good quality kitchen door. We don’t sell vinyl pressed kitchen doors or vinyl wrapped kitchen doors, as they go against what we are about as a company, and the service we aim to achieve for our customers. We believe in recommendations and repeat business and you won’t get either if you are selling this kind of kitchen doors.


Can I get items ordered through the website delivered to an address other than my home address?

Yes. Items can be delivered to any address in the UK (and sometimes abroad), however, this must be clearly stated at the point of ordering. When checking out, an option is given to enter a delivery address that is different to the billing address. If this address is not mainland UK or in the Scottish Highlands there will be additional delivery charges. Please ring to find out these costs.

Where do you deliver to?

We supply kitchens nationwide both on our own transport or via an external courier service. We cover all of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For a delivery quote please email

Flat Pack Kitchen Information

What is a flatpack kitchen?

A “flat pack kitchen” refers to kitchen cabinets supplied with all doors and panels stacked flat in a transportable box. This type of kitchen needs to be properly assembled and installation is often done by professional kitchen fitters or by homeowners themselves. Flatpack kitchens tend to be far more affordable.

Are flatpack kitchens cheaper?

A prefabricated kitchen typically comes at a lower price than traditional setups. Recently, flatpack kitchens have seen a surge in popularity as they can be easily ordered and delivered to the home. These kitchens also come in various finishes, such as shaker style, traditional flat, handle-less, and so forth. You can also choose from fixed or custom widths and heights.

How do flatpack kitchens work?

Flat pack kitchen cabinets in the UK arrive in a box and need to be assembled. These are products that you can set up yourself using the base components supplied by the seller. All parts are pre-cut cut and drilled, which helps you to put the pieces together like a puzzle.

Are flatpack kitchens easy to install?

Flatpack kitchens are very easy to install and are a cheap and convenient way to upgrade your space. They are also modular, meaning that different configurations can be chosen to fit any space – whether it be your kitchen or utility room. These products are also very affordable.

What are flatpack cabinets?

Flatpack kitchen units and cabinets are manufactured and delivered as separate, pre-cut components, which you then assemble yourself. These parts are assembled to make a robust and sturdy unit, which can then be used as a foundation for your chosen aesthetic style.

Where do I start when fitting a kitchen?

Here’s how you can fit flat pack kitchen units: Get the measurements of the space. Install the base units. Assemble the units together. Fix the base units in place. Mark out space for the wall units. Fix the wall units in place. Place the units together. Install the unit doors.

Why is flatpack furniture good for the environment?

The best flat pack kitchens in the UK can be far better for the environment than traditional kitchens. As these units come with less packaging, and take up less space, the carbon footprint of transportation is lower. In addition, less packaging also helps to reduce waste and landfill use.

How do you strengthen flatpack furniture?

You can reinforce joints when fixing flatpack furniture to strengthen the foundation, making for a much more stable setup. If a piece seems to be a little unsteady, you can strengthen it with 1x2”s or 2x2”s or adding glue to the joints.

What wood is flatpack furniture made from?

Most often, flatpack furniture is made from either solid wood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), or chipboard. MDF is the product of the residuals of hardwood and softwood mixed with wax to create a sturdy panel that is more durable than chipboard.

What furniture colour sells best?

Most people usually go for neutral-coloured furniture when they shop so that nothing clashes with any of the more colourful items that they might use. This is why it’s highly recommended to keep it basic with the colours for your flatpack kitchen.

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