High Gloss Handleless

Kitchen Doors

If you are considering a kitchen upgrade but you don’t want to splash out on a full replacement, simply adding new kitchen doors can prove a highly affordable alternative.

Here at RossWood Kitchens, we offer 22mm thick high gloss handleless kitchen doors as a replacement for your old set, helping to give your space an impressive overhaul. They are manufactured to the highest standards and available in a variety of colours - so you can stick to a sleek, minimalist look or add a touch of fun with multiple shades.

Our handleless kitchen doors are sprayed and lacquered to create an elegant sheen. The result is a surface of far better quality than you would find on the old-fashioned vinyl pressed or foil wrapped kitchen doors of a decade ago or more. Because of this, they will not peel like older painted doors and are far more durable.



Another benefit of handleless high gloss kitchen doors is that their surfaces are reflective. As a result, any light will bounce off them - giving the impression of a larger, brighter room.

They are also extremely easy to wipe clean, particularly as there are no handles to fall victim to dirt and greasy stains.

The design of our high gloss handleless kitchen doors is sleek, contemporary and elegant, featuring a finger groove as an alternative to a protruding handle.



This allows you to create unbroken lines throughout your space, making simplicity and minimalism an effortless feature. A further added bonus of handleless kitchen doors is - of course - that you do not need to purchase handles. This is another great way to save money.

Our range comes in a variety of sizes and looks - which means you have endless options to upgrade your kitchen design and make the space look like new.