Handleless Matt Kitchen Doors

We are delighted to introduce these Matt Kitchen Doors to the RossWood Kitchens selection of replacement kitchen doors. These luxury Handleless Matt Kitchen Doors are 22mm thick and have the famous j-groove in the top edge of the base unit doors and in the bottom edge of the wall unit doors. These 'grooves' act as the handle creating a sleek and modern slab style door design.


Handleless matt kitchen doors are constructed with an MDF core that is sprayed with their finishing colour making them durable and affordable. The quality of our Matt Handleless Kitchen door is second to none on the UK market and each different colour we offer can comfortably match or compliment any existing kitchen design or colour scheme.

Our replacement matt kitchen doors have been manufactured using state of the art technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. All of our matt handleless kitchen doors are manufactured in Italy and are a high quality sprayed kitchen door which can withstand testing kitchen temperatures and moisture levels.

Our handleless kitchen doors in matt have been manufactured using the latest anti-fingerprint technology making these a must-have for a sleek modern kitchen makeover. 

Handleless kitchen doors from RossWood Kitchens are designed to bring your kitchen right up to modern times, giving it a seamless and streamlined vibe that is a staple of any up to date kitchen. They create a sleek design that will stay in trend for years to come, as more and more people opt for a simplistic approach with handleless matt kitchen doors being at the forefront of their thinking. If you are interested in a trendy option that is still incredibly easy to use, then be sure to check out our range of shades below.

Using replacement kitchen doors to 'makeover' your kitchen space, provides a more affordable option to fully changing your kitchen. Reface rather than replace using handleless matt kitchen doors and you won't be disappointed.