High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Are you looking to freshen up the look of your kitchen, without burning a hole in your pocket? If so, then the high gloss kitchen doors available from RossWood Kitchens are a great choice!


They provide a great opportunity for saving money, whilst still achieving the same stylish and trendy look. It is always cheaper to “reface” rather than “replace” a kitchen, so by investing in some beautiful high gloss kitchen cabinets to fit onto your existing kitchen units, you can give the impression of a full makeover without spending the money required to achieve one, a win-win!

Our high gloss doors come equipped with a crisp, mirror-like finish, perfect for anyone that is planning a contemporary looking kitchen or living space, making this kind of look the ideal solution. One particular benefit of this type of design is that the shine of the surface reflects light, whether this be natural or artificial. This gives your space the illusion of looking bigger and brighter than it actually is, making it more welcoming and appealing as a result.

The gloss kitchen doors from RossWood Kitchens come in a wide selection of colours, giving you ample choice as to how you wish to complete the look of your room. These range from the bright and inviting shade of white to a sophisticated, on-trend anthracite. Our extensive range also gives you the choice to select from cream, cashmere, grey, stone and porcelain finishes.

All of the products that we offer within this range are easy to maintain, giving you the peace of mind that you have made a smart investment that will look the part for years to come. This coupled with the fact that they are built to a fantastic standard, featuring a high-quality sprayed lacquer finish provides a superior look and feel, as well as making your kitchen doors easier to wipe clean. This should make them the obvious choice when looking for a product that can cope with the inevitable wear and tear of the kitchen.

Each one of our high gloss kitchen doors come in an array of standard sizes, which are available to see by clicking on any of the colours listed below. Simply click on the colour you want to find out more about and add your required sizes. This is not a commitment to purchase, but will allow you to receive and instant quote, so you have more of an idea of what your purchase may cost.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our high gloss kitchen cabinets can be easily fixed to replace your existing kitchen cabinets, saving time and money in the process. This rings especially true as replacement kitchen doors are very competitively priced, as we look to give you your dream kitchen within a budget you are happy with.

Our high gloss doors do not come with holes drilled for hinges handles. This means that you can fix any type of handle you wish, in exactly the right position for your preferences. This allows you to have full customisation of your kitchen’s look, giving you maximum freedom to produce a room you are happy with.

To give you a hand when creating your kitchen, any orders for our high gloss kitchen doors that total over £400 will qualify for a free hinge hole cutter.

There is a fast turnaround time for all of our high gloss replacement kitchen doors. Our lead time is always been 5-7 working days, so you are never waiting too long for your new kitchen gloss doors! We aim to achieve such a quick turnaround without compromising on quality, as we understand that this can be quite an exciting time and wouldn’t want you missing out for too long as a result. At RossWood Kitchens we can assure you that we deliver the kitchen design of your dreams in a timeframe that you can be happy with.