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Amaze yourself with a simple kitchen makeover that is both easy and affordable. By replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, worktops and cover panels you can transform your kitchen into a new contemporary one.

Out of every object in your kitchen, the cabinets will be the ones that get the most use. They suffer from greasy hands, spilt food and cooking heat. On top of that, they are opened and shut - and sometimes even slammed - on a routine and daily basis. Installing replacement kitchen doors is one of the simplest ways to makeover a tired kitchen.

The rest of your kitchen may be free of wear and tear, so updating your kitchen cabinet doors is a good way of reviving new life into what may have become an old and tired room. The caveat is that it can be costly to refit each and every cabinet. Replacing all your cabinets will come with a hefty price tag, but if you instead just look for stylish replacement kitchen doors, you can make instant improvements without blowing your budget.

It is worth researching the kind of replacement kitchen cupboard fronts that are going to get you the look and feel that you are after. Different designs will drastically change the way that your kitchen looks. You can opt for traditional styles if you want to recreate the feel of an English country cottage, or you can go down the more contemporary route with flat panel and glossy designs.

RossWood Kitchens offers High Gloss, handles high gloss, flat panel and many more replacement kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts for every size and shape kitchen unit. This extensive range gives you the opportunity to express your own personal style without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that your final decision should also reflect the style of any parts of your kitchen that you won't be making changes too. It's important to find kitchen unit doors and drawer fronts that will make the entire room shine.

There are so many options for updating your units that you’ll likely benefit from talking to our team of professional experts, who can explain which kitchen cupboard doors and kitchen drawer fronts will work best for you. They will be able to help you plan your dream kitchen and ensure that you make the right selections.

RossWood Kitchens offers competitive prices, made to measure kitchen doors and drawer fronts as well as a high-level commitment to customer service. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts and how we can take your dream of a new kitchen - and turn it into reality.

Why Chose RossWood Kitchens

We guarantee that our replacement doors are of the highest quality from established cabinet door manufacturers, at a cost that is unbeatable. RossWood Kitchens offer a range of traditional standard-sized replacement doors and drawer fronts for a convenient swap for old worn doors, as well as bespoke, hand painted ones to fit your uniquely designed kitchen.

So go ahead, make that dream of a new kitchen a reality.

The existing ‘carcass’ or frame for your kitchen units remain the same, as these outlive the lifespan of regular cabinet doors and drawer fronts, which get most of the wear and tear. Plus, a new front gives the instant appearance of a modern new look.

With a bit of expert advice from RossWood Kitchens, you can make the right choices on style, colour and design. Restyle your kitchen with minimal cost and effort, with the assurances of durable, high-quality replacement doors that will last for years to come.

The variety of choices extends from the more traditional styles to a sleek, contemporary finish. High Gloss Doors with the ultra modern J-profile handles or Handleless Cabinet Doors; hand-crafted solid wood replacement doors; classic and timeless designs for a traditional or rustic look. There is also a wide array of colours to choose from, and the option to have your kitchen doors hand painted in the exact colour of your choosing. Your choices are endless.

Our replacement doors and drawer fronts are available in standard sizes to fit any conventional sized framework including B&Q, Ikea, Wickes, Howdens, Homebase, Magnet and Benchmarx ranges. However, we also supply made to measure cabinet doors for bespoke kitchens, houseboats and other unconventional spaces.

In addition, we will supply units, handles and other components that are needed to redecorate your new kitchen. Your dream kitchen has never been in better hands.

Why not call now to have a chat about what is right for you? We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have on how to refurbish your kitchen. Or if you see what you like, feel free to go ahead and place an order for your replacement kitchen cupboard doors either online or by phone.

Contact us on 01476 386201 at your local rate anytime between 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 15:00 Saturday.

RossWood Kitchens are passionate about creating beautiful kitchens and exceptional customer service to both their retail and trade customers alike. So get in touch, let’s talk about your dream kitchen and get a free quote today.