Description :Slab Door (No Detailing)

Colour :Cashmere

Finish :Ultra High Gloss

Base Material :MDF

Base Thickness :18mm

Covering Material :Painted

Edging Colour :Match with face

Reverse Colour :Match with face

Lead Time :5 - 7 Working Days


Our Cashmere Acrylic High Gloss replacement kitchen doors are one of the newest colours to be added to our stunning acrylic high gloss kitchen door range.


With no imperfections on the face of the door, the soft colour is a neutral pastel tone that has slightly more depth than our Ivory Acrylic High Gloss replacement kitchen doors do.


These replacement kitchen doors have a slightly browner tone than the Ivory Acrylic High Gloss range, making it work well with any earthy colour scheme, complementing most other colours well within this range of replacement kitchen doors.


If you are thinking of having a two-tone kitchen, then our Cashmere Acrylic High Gloss replacement kitchen doors are a very good choice for you. They go well with almost any of the Acrylic High Gloss kitchen doors within our Vivo Vero collection and look especially good when combined with our High Gloss wood grain kitchen doors.


For those who are unsure on whether our Cashmere Acrylic High Gloss replacement kitchen doors are the right choice, you can always order a sample to give you a better feel for the quality, look and finish of this beautiful range.


These Cashmere kitchen doors can also be made to measure to match the sizes of your current kitchen doors if they are not a standard size.


To see if your kitchen cabinets are a standard size, please see our FAQ page.  If you need this service please email us with the sizes you require in millimeters for a free no-obligation quotation.

Cashmere Gloss Acrylic Replacement Kitchen Doors

PriceFrom £20.06