Description :Slab Door (J Groove Handle)

Colour :Cream

Finish :High Gloss

Base Material :MDF

Base Thickness :22mm

Covering Material :High Gloss Polyurethane painted over a polyester primer

Edging Colour :Match with face

Reverse Colour :Match with face (Matt)

Lead Time :5 - 7 Working Days


Our 22mm thick Handleless High Gloss Lucente Cream Kitchen Doors are the epitome of kitchen doors. Lucente Cream Doors will set your kitchen miles ahead of others, with a stunning aesthetic that will stand out from the crowd.


Our selection makes your whole kitchen easy to clean, as there are no kitchen handles on the face of the door to make the cleaning process any longer than needed. Each handleless high gloss door features a prominent groove down the top of the door that acts as a handle and looks sublime when fitted.


With a lead time of 3-5 working days, our team here at RossWood Kitchens are committed to giving you the perfect kitchen with as little time for waiting as possible. This stunning selection of Handleless High Gloss Lucente Cream Doors will transform your space and give it an entirely new, fresh outlook.


If you feel like your kitchen needs a fresh look then these replacement kitchen doors could be exactly what you are looking for.At RossWood Kitchens, we have a lead time of only 3-5 working days, so your ideal space can take shape as soon as you’re ready.


Want to enquire about our Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Doors? Our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you. 


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Handleless High Gloss Lucente Cream Kitchen Doors

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