Description :Slab Door (J Groove Handle)

Colour :White

Finish :High Gloss

Base Material :MDF

Base Thickness :22mm

Covering Material :High Gloss Polyurethane painted over a polyester primer

Edging Colour :Match with face

Reverse Colour :Match with face (Matt)

Lead Time :5 - 7 Working Days



Our popular 22mm Handleless High Gloss Lucente White Kitchen Door set a modern tone for any kitchen. The high gloss finish is easily accessorised and can be used extremely well as a two-tone kitchen with the black finish.


The Handleless High Gloss Lucente White Door may be a little more expensive than the standard high gloss kitchen doors, but with handleless designs, you don’t have to factor in the cost of handles!


Our selection of Lucente White Doors are perfect for any kitchen setting and can fit in with most designs, becoming an eye-catching focal point of any home of any style.


At RossWood Kitchens, we have a lead time of only 3-5 working days, so your ideal space can take shape as soon as you’re ready.


Want to enquire about our Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Doors? Our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you. 


Contact us today via phone or drop us an email, we’ll be able to help with any questions or queries you have.

Handleless High Gloss Lucente White Kitchen Doors

PriceFrom £17.12