Description:Slab Door (No Detailing)

Colour:Dust Grey

Finish:High Gloss

Base Material:MDF

Covering Material:High Gloss Polyurethane painted

Edging Colour:Painted as face

Reverse Colour:Match with face (Matt)

Lead Time:5 - 7 Working Days


Transform your kitchen with our High Gloss Dust Grey kitchen doors. Easily and affordably create a brand new contemporary look, using the latest colour trend in the kitchen.


No need to replace your entire kitchen, instead breathe new life into your existing kitchen units by upgrading to our exceptional kitchen doors.


Our gloss kitchen doors can be ordered online and delivered within just 5 working days, meaning that the kitchen of your dreams is in easy reach. And with a huge range of sizes and door types, you are bound to find the right unit right here on our website.


Bring a chic and modern twist to your kitchen design, these dust grey kitchen doors offer a high gloss finish. A fantastic choice for anyone wishing to lift kitchen space, the gloss reflects light making your kitchen appear to be larger and brighter, unlike matt finish kitchen doors which can absorb light.


A truly versatile choice, our high gloss grey doors can blend seamlessly with your existing kitchen design, and be mixed and matched with your current kitchen carcass or other units. Consider contrasting with our other high gloss neutral doors to create contrast and layers within your space.


Our Dust Grey colour works well with a wide range of spaces, and can be of particular interest to those who’s kitchen resides in an open plan space – thanks to way the colour can blend seamlessly with soft furnishings and interiors.

High Gloss Dust Grey Kitchen Doors

PriceFrom £15.22