Description :Slab Door (No Detailing)

Colour :Ivory

Finish :Ultra High Gloss

Base Material :MDF

Base Thickness :18mm

Covering Material :Painted

Edging Colour :Match with face

Reverse Colour :Match with face

Lead Time :5 - 7 Working Days


The RossWood Kitchens collection of Ivory Kitchen Doors are second to no other gloss acrylic replacement kitchen doors on the market.


This particular colour is often referred to as Alabaster High Gloss, Ivory High Gloss and Light Cream High Gloss, but we felt that the best-suited name for our range was Ivory Acrylic High Gloss.


We sell more Ivory Gloss Kitchen Doors than any other colour, with this colour being so neat and fresh and due to it being able to comfortably fit into pretty much every existing kitchen style and design.


Our gloss acrylic kitchen doors in ivory are ideal for a north facing kitchen, as the gloss will rebound the natural light around the room. This creates a brighter, spacious feel which is ideal for rooms that are slightly on the small side.


Ivory Kitchen Doors can provide a larger feel that is fresh and inviting to everyone who enters the room.


If you are unsure as to whether our Ivory Kitchen Doors range is right for your kitchen, you can always order a sample to gain a better feel for the look, quality and finish of the doors. You can use to this make a better, more informed final decision.


All of our Ivory Gloss Kitchen Doors can be made to measure for a small, additional charge, which makes this selection ideal for anyone wanting to update their current kitchen without changing the sizes of their doors.

Ivory Gloss Acrylic Replacement Kitchen Doors

PriceFrom £20.06