Description :Slab Door (No Detailing)

Colour :Light Grey

Finish :Ultra High Gloss

Base Material :MDF

Base Thickness :18mm

Covering Material :Painted

Edging Colour :Match with face

Reverse Colour :Match with face

Lead Time :5 - 7 Working Days


Due to its growing popularity in our high gloss door range, we have recently added the Light Grey Acrylic High Gloss Replacement Kitchen Doors to our fantastic selection of acrylic replacement kitchen doors. This particular shade is a light grey colour with grey and silver tones, and is extremely popular within the interior design industry and home styling.


We have found that our Light Grey Handleless replacement kitchen doors have been selling in large volumes, so when the option to bring Light Grey High Gloss Replacement Kitchen Doors to our acrylic range, it was a very easy decision to make!


The acrylic replacement doors are an upgrade to our high gloss replacement kitchen doors without a huge jump in cost. All of our acrylic replacement doors are a made to order product with a quick turn around time from order to delivery. This product can be delivered to your door within five to seven working days of order.


This subtle shade is very light in colour and will make your kitchen feel spacious and airy. The Acrylic High Gloss finish on the door will rebound all of the natural light that enters your kitchen around the room, making even the darkest of kitchens feel fresh and bright.


Our Light Grey Acrylic High Gloss replacement kitchen doors can also be made to measure, to your own personal size, so if you don’t have standard sized kitchen doors currently, then these particular replacement kitchen doors are perfect for you. Click here to see if you have standard sized kitchen units. 

Light Grey Gloss Acrylic Replacement Kitchen Doors

PriceFrom £20.06