Soft Closing Kitchen Door Hinges

Soft close hinges guarantee that all the storage spaces in your kitchen close quietly. The design is fully soft closing with a cohesive piston in the arm.

Our soft close kitchen hinges are extremely inventive pieces of kitchen hardware. Each with sleek design the provide ground breaking functionality.


Soft close hinges are perfect if you trying to modernise your kitchen or if you have bought new kitchen doors and they are available at a competitive price. Soft Close Hinges are the ultimate solution to all your kitchen cupboard needs.

Soft close hinges basically mean that your kitchen doors will shut softly. The mechanism means that regardless of the level of force used to shut the door, the door will shut softly and slowly. Slamming cupboard and kitchen doors is a thing of the past thanks to soft close kitchen hinges.

To ensure a quiet, peaceful kitchen environment, use soft close hinges. Not only will it remove any noise or unwanted sounds from your kitchen, but the hinges will last longer because it is impossible to slam the door or drawers.


We can guarantee that soft close hinges will stand the test of time and be as equally functional in years as they were on the first day you installed them.