Pull Out Kitchen Waste Bins

Bins are an important component in the functionality of all kitchens - but in an ideal world, you’d avoid the eyesore of a bin jammed into a corner for all to see, wouldn’t you? Here at RossWood Kitchens, we are committed to creating an attractive, streamlined and useable kitchen space.


As a result, we have a range of kitchen waste bins with a convenient pull out functionality - meaning they’re only seen when they’re needed.

Waste disposal can be one of the most challenging issues when it comes to kitchen design. A stand-alone bin can be easily knocked over, and it’s often difficult to decide where to place one without it being in the way. They also take up a great deal of space that could be better employed in other ways.

A pull-out bin functions like a drawer and enables you to hide away your waste bin rather than having a bulky stand-alone bin that takes up a lot of kitchen floor space. 

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